Portugal Foodie Highlights

My husband Josh and I spent 3 wonderful weeks in Portugal from end of June to mid July (2017). Our trip was full of fun, food and sites. We spent time in Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Duoro Valley, Coimbra and Evora. Here are some foodie highlights. Click here to read our notes on "Jewish Portugal."




Espresso and the famous custard tart, Pastéis de Nata.

These gorgeous beauties lined up ready to be breakfast.

 img-4821.jpg  img-4739.jpg

Portuguese people are very loving—these heart shaped cookies are a bakery staple.

A moment of perfection at the Time Out Market. (We really liked that place!)

 img-4753.jpg  img-4757.jpg

Iced coffee with iced cream AND whipped cream on a VERY hot day made the scene at right even more beautiful.

On the Duoro River in Porto. The buildings you see are across the river, in Gaia, where port wine is aged. I discovered white port--very good!

 img-4689.jpg  img-4770.jpg

One of my most favorite activities: finding the Mercado (market) in Lisbon.

Fish in Portugal—see it then eat it and always fresh.

 img-4698.jpg  img-4997.jpg

One of our best meals, in Lisbon, at O PIteu. Cash only!

Sardines galore! I went from a naysayer to a lover. Grilled sardines are delicious!

 img-4999.jpg  img-4998.jpg

Fish every which way. Here in a stew with rice. It was ok—not great.

 Roe, looks like salmon but not as good.

 img-5002.jpg  img-5003.jpg

Pizza—pretty good!

Portgual’s famous sandwich—Francesinha. OY, a real heart clogger. I didn’t have it but our friend did and he said it was good!

 img-4759.jpg  img-4702.jpg

Husband Josh helping the port aging process.

We liked this tour company, recommended by a friend.



Since we are talking Portugal, here’s Sophie, our (half) Portuguese water dog. She stayed in Brooklyn while we were away. She’s now a hipster dog.


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