Lox & Bagel Sympathy Basket

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We have created this lovely basket that includes familiar Jewish specialties that everyone loves--lox and bagels. 

Packed in our signature market tray are:  A full half pound of smoked salmon, 6 tasty and chewy plain bagels with whipped cream cheese, assorted rugelach (6 pieces) and two pouches of coffee.  Serves 4-6. All items are Kosher, Pareve with the exception of the cream cheese which is Kosher/Dairy-Cholov Yisroel.
UPS next day air shipping is included.  Cannot be in transit over the weekend, unless you specifically choose Saturday delivery.

We request that you notify the recipient to let them know the package is coming so that someone is available to receive it. If this is not possible, we strongly suggest making another gift choice. Please note that we cannot be responsible for perishable items left at the door.


Lox and cream cheese need to be refrigerated immediately. Bagels are fine for up to two weeks sitting on your counter in a cool, dry spot. Our bagels and rugelach freeze beautifully for up to 6 months. Remove from freezer 6-8 hours prior to enjoying. Refrigerator not recommended. Bagels are recommended to be toasted for optimal taste. Bagels- OU, Parve Cream cheese- OK, dairy Smoked salmon- KOF-K, parve Rugelach- CRC, parve From time to time we may need to make substitutions for out-of-stock items. We will always do our best to substitute with item(s) that meet the spirit of the gift and of equal or greater value.
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