Lotta Lox & Matzah Brunch Basket - Kosher For Passover

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  • Cream Cheese - OU Dairy, Cholov Yisroel
  • Lox - Kof-K, Kosher for Passover, Parve
  • Chocolate Bonbons - Kosher for Passover, OK Parve
  • Praline Cake - Kosher for Passover, OK Parve
  • Box of Matzah - Kosher for Passover, Parve
  • Gourmet Coffee - Kosher for Passover, Parve
  • Coffee Mug


No need to pass on brunch just because it's Passover. We've put together a Passover-approved assortment of brunch essentials so on one will be deprived. Includes a package of classic smoked salmon, plain matzo, cream cheese, chocolate bonbons, praline cake, gourmet coffee and a coffee mug. Serves 4-6. Kosher for Passover. Contains both Parve and Dairy items.

Occasionally, we may substitute items with others that meet the spirit of the gift and of equal or greater value


To protect and ensure the quality of this product, it can only be in transit for one day and is shipped temperature controlled. Orders placed on Thursday after 11 AM EST will ship the following Monday.

We request that you notify the recipient to let them know the package is coming so that someone is available to receive it.


This package ships with insulated packaging and icepacks

Lox and Cream Cheese must be refrigerated immediately upon delivery and must be consumed until the expiration date marked on ouside of the package

Gluten Free baked goods need to be placed in the freezer immediately after arrival and can remain in the freezer for up to 6 months

Refrigerator not recommended.

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