Gourmet Food

The perfect gourmet food gifts are right here! Our fine food selections include the most delicious gourmet gift baskets imaginable, lovingly prepared and elegantly presented. Send a rich, decadent tower stacked with gourmet baked goods and delicious fine chocolates. Or choose a healthy gourmet food option, like our Mediterranean fruit basket or a gift set filled with premium nuts, Medjool dates and Kimi figs.

One of our popular gourmet gift sets is the kosher deli crate, serving up the inimitable tastes of New York’s Eli’s Breads and iconic black and white cookies from our Brooklyn bakery. You could also consider sending gourmet food gifts on the savory side, like gift baskets filled with gourmet bread crisps, specialty herbed olives, and fancy dried fruits.

If you want to send a truly comforting gourmet food gift, have our famously delicious matzo ball soup delivered! It’s like sending all the comforts of home in one special gift basket. Soups are also an important part of the gourmet kosher meals we deliver for special holidays like Passover, made with authentic traditional recipes and brimming with the flavors of the old world.

All of our gourmet food gift baskets feature premium food items and luxury specialty foods that have been the backbone of our business since we started delivering quality gift baskets.