D-I-Y Hamentashen Decoration Kit

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  • Hamentashen, Assorted (10) - OK, Parve
  • Decorating Chocolate, Dark - Tartikov, Parve
  • Decorating Chocolate, White - Tartikov, Parve
  • Cookie Crunch Topping - Tartikov, Parve
  • Coconut Crunch Topping - Tartikov, Parve
  • Pink Nonpareils - Tartikov, Parve
  • Blue Sprinkles - Tartikov, Parve
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Spatula
  • Hamentashen Decorating Instruction Card


All you need to create the traditional Purim treat.

A fun way to keep house-bound kids entertained while learning about our culture and customs. Inside you’ll find supplies to festively decorate the 10 pre-filled apricot and raspberry hamentashen along with a spatula and instructions. Toppings include 4 ounces each of White and Dark Chocolate along with Cookie Crunch, Coconut Crunch, Pink Nonpareils and Blue sprinkles.

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