Classic Hamentashen Duo

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Luscious triangles oozing with sweet fillings.

Originally created as a symbol in the Purim story, these rich temptations can be enjoyed anytime.   Includes raspberry and apricot. 2 10 ounce packages, 16-18 cookies total, serves 8-12. Kosher. Pareve.


Hamentashen are packed for safe transit but given the fragility, some breakage is possible.  We cannot be responsible for breakage.

10 ounce container with approximately 9 cookies. CRC, pareve Shelf life of up to two weeks and freeze beautifully for up to six months. Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Water, Eggs, Salt, Pure Vegetable Shortening (Soy), Baking Powder Filling: Raspberry, Apricot Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Soybean Oil
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