Share the tastes of Old World European-style baked goods, like our famous challah delicious bagels and scrumptious breads. Challah Connection is here to bring you Old World, Eastern European baked goods that have been our top sellers for almost 15 years.

Challah Connection offers a complete array of gourmet baked goods. Made with only the highest quality of ingredients, our delicious, authentic gourmet bagels, challah, and breads are a great addition to any gift, no matter what the occasion. Challah Connection covers a wide range of baked goods that is sure to suit almost anyone. We also have gluten free baked goods, including challah, babka, rugelach, black and white cookies and hamentashen.

Our rich heritage makes Challah Connection bagels, challah, and breads truly one of a kind. These gourmet foods are popular for any occasion, all year around. Expertly wrapped, and freshly delivered, Challah Connection lets you enjoy the best challah, bagels, and bread no matter where you live. 

  • Box of Matzos-set of two

    Box of Matzos-set of two

    $19.99 $14.99
  • Lox and a Schmear

    Lox with a Schmear

  • Real-Deal Onion Bialys

    Real-Deal Onion Bialys-2 dozen

  • Lox of Love Kosher Basket

    Lox of Love Basket

  • Holiday Lox & Bagels Basket

    Classic Lox & Bagels

  • New York Bagels

    New York Toasting Bagels-2 dozen

  • Gluten Free Bagels-Plain and Everything

    Gluten-Free Bagels-Plain and Everything

    $32.99 $29.69
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