Share the tastes of the Old World European- style baked goods with our famous chocolate swirled babka and aromatic cinnamon-filled rugelach cookies. Challah Connection one of a kind gourmet babka and rugelach are scrumptious treats to bring anywhere from a picnic, to a large celebration.

The handcrafted and simply delicious Lower East Side rugelach can be perfectly paired with a loaf of our famous chocolate or cinnamon babka for any occasion.  Our rich heritage makes Challah Connection babka and rugelach one of a kind. Now it’s up to you to try it. 

  • Ultimate Jewish Bakery Basket

    Ultimate Jewish Bakery Basket

    $109.99 $98.99
  • Cinnamon Bakery Bundle

    Cinnamon Bakery Bundle

  • Chocolate Bakery Bundle

    Chocolate Bakery Bundle

  • Lower East Side Rugelach Duo

    Lower East Side Rugelach Duo

  • Bubbe's  Mandelbread

    Bubbe's Mandelbread

    $22.99 $20.69
  • Artisanal Round Chocolate Babka

    Artisanal Round Chocolate Babka

  • Classic Nosh Basket

    Classic Nosh Basket

    $89.99 $80.99
  • Babka Duo

    Babka Duo

  • Award-winning rugelach gift tin

    Award-Winning Rugelach Gift Tin

  • Old Country Poppyseed Roll

    Poppyseed Swirl

    $22.99 $20.69
  • Cinnamon Babka

    Set of Cinnamon Babka

    $29.99 $26.99
  • Chocolate Babka Set

    Set of Chocolate Babka

  • Bubbe's Bundle

    Bubbe's Bakery Bundle

  • Cookie Bundle

    Cookie Cravings Bundle

    $69.99 $62.99
  • Maven's Bundle

    Maven's Choice Bundle

  • 5 Star Bakery Basket--Challah Connection

    5-Star Bakery Basket

    $119.99 $107.99
  • Deluxe Classic Nosh Basket

    Deluxe Classic Nosh Basket

    $179.99 $161.99
  • Foodie Bundle

    Jewish Foodie Bundle

  • Hungry Schlepper

    The Hungry Schlepper Tote

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