Bakery & Pastry

Simply put, our bakery and pastry gift baskets are the foundation of our online gift basket business and our true pride and joy! Our company started out offering traditional challah breads delivered to your door, and soon expanded to include other fine gourmet baked goods and pastries. We are known for bakery gifts and old world style pastries, with all the richly authentic ingredients you’d expect.

We feature classic kosher Jewish food baskets made from traditionally delicious recipes – like our babka loaves, swirled with aromatic cinnamon and rich, gooey chocolate. It’s simply one of the best and most comforting gourmet baked goods you could possibly send!

Not to mention our other fine pastries and desserts, like carefully crafted rugelach with its rich yeasty dough wrapped around sublime chocolate, aromatic cinnamon or sweet raspberry filling. Need to order a dessert online that will knock their socks off ? Buy baked goods like our amazing apple cake, so delicious it’s been featured in the New York Times. Or send a food gift basket including a truly iconic kosher Jewish dessert: the finest black and white cookies, direct from the bakery in Brooklyn.

If you’re looking to send gluten free baked goods, we have all the classic cakes, breads and cookies – and you can believe us when we tell you they’re every bit as delicious. Our baked goods and pastries are always notable for their authentic flavors and classic ingredients. You just can’t send better quality baked goods than ours!

  • Deluxe Classic Nosh Basket

    Deluxe Classic Nosh Basket

    $179.99 $161.99
  • Mediterranean Tastes

    Mediterranean Tastes

  • 7-Layer Torte Duo

    7-Layer Torte Bundle

  • Old World Cookie Platter

    Old World Cookie Platter

    $89.99 $80.99
  • The Whole Shebang, Big--Kosher Gift Baskets, Challah Connection

    The Whole Shebang-BIG

    $199.99 $179.99
  • Russian Coffeee Cake Set

    Russian Coffee Cake Set

    $29.99 $26.99
  • Foodie Bundle

    Jewish Foodie Bundle

  • Lower East Side Rugelach Duo

    Lower East Side Rugelach Duo

  • Black & White Cookie Tin

    Black & White Cookie Tin

  • Gluten Free Apple Cake

    Gluten-Free Apple Cake

  • Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight

  • Hungry Schlepper

    The Purim Tote

  • Challentashen

    Challentashen Purim Treat

  • Assorted Gourmet Mini Cheesecakes - 12 Pack

    Assorted Mini Cheesecakes

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